Eyelash Extensions

Party Lashes – £10

Party lashes are little bulbs with 4 or 5 lashes on them that you can glue in to give the look of longer and fuller lashes and usually they last a few weeks. It’s a more natural alternative to a strip false lashes.



Express Lashes (lasts up to 2 weeks) – £20

Express lashes are very similar to Individual eyelash extensions, in that they too are mostly individual lashes. However the main difference is that lashes are not applied to your individual lashes precisely and are often combined with Cluster lashes to provide a fuller look. Cluster Lashes are 2 or more extensions grouped and pre-bound at the bottom to create a fuller look.



Hollywood Lashes – £39

Hollywood Lashes are semi permanent eyelash extensions that can have a life span of 4-6 weeks, or stay indefinitely with regular infills.

Hollywood Lashes are made from one natural looking lash with no bobble or feathering, they are weightless and are shaped to emulate the natural lash.